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Friday, February 27, 2009
We sold a lot of Medline Baby-Tischler Cervical Biopsy Forceps recently.

If you're looking for Medline Baby-Tischler Cervical Biopsy Forceps, we got 'em.
We've also sold a few Medline Foley Insertion Trays recently, which are handy Foley Catheter insertion kits.

Another item we've sold several of recently is the Good 'n Bed Adjustable Wedge. It is a maximum support bed wedge that provides choice of a shitting or sleeping position. A washable cover is included. Adjusts from 8" to 12" to 16" elevations by using 2 removable inserts.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Like, for example, these Work Tables.

We also have new exam room stools and lamps. We also have some new Tilt Tables. Those are pretty cool. Like

Pretty cool looking, eh?

We've also added a selection of chairs for school and early intervention facilities. In case you need some of those.

Thanks a million. More soon enough.


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Saturday, February 21, 2009
We have added more TENS / EMS and other electrostimulative products to our pain management mix. Like the Intelect TENS Dual Channel, for example.

We've also added a variety of Mettler Electronics Products, like the Mettler Sonicator 740 Portable Dual Frequency Ultrasound device, as pictured below.

We've also added a selection of Amrex Electrotherapy Units, including the Vectra Genisys Transport Laser Therapy Unit (san Laser Applicator).

We've also added a lot of new products to our Cold Therapy line, as well as our Heat Therapy line.

Like the CryoStim Prober Ice Massager. That thing looks cool. I'd like one of those.

Well, that's it for now. More later!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Now we've got Pediatric Walkers and Rollers. Like the Cricket Walker, pictured below.

We also have Deluxe Child Walkers and Kaye PostureRest Walkers.

We're also selling a variety of other specialty mobility products. Such as the TumbleForms TUGS Prone Mobile Stander. So, what about that? Huh?

We've also got a lot of groovy new personal massagers. Such as, for example, The Original Jacknobber II. Or the interesting looking Original Vibrassager.

Or, what about the Large Pad Rotary Orbital Massager that looks like a Black & Decker Orbital Sander? Cool stuff. And, that's not all. More soon, I promise!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
What is that? What am I talking about? I'm talking about the part number for 3M Cavilon Moisturizing Lotion. Or, one of the part numbers. It depends how many you are buying. If you're buying 48 Units of 3m Cavilon, it's MMM9215.

Why am I blogging it? It's a product we've sold several times by people searching on the part number. I always admire that level of specificity.

We've also sold quite a few of the Orion Nasal CPAP Systems. Thought you might want to know that, as well.

This compact, lightweight unit (only 3.5 lbs.) boasts a noise level that's less than 28 decibels and easy operation that allows adjustments in 1/2 cm increments from 4-18 cm H2O pressure. Standard features include: integrated altitude adjustment, universal power supply, patient compliance hour meter, and 6' smooth bore circuit. Adjustable ramp base pressure and ramp time up to 20 minutes. And it comes complete with a luxury padded carry bag for your convenience. Just so you know.

More soon. Have a great day!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

We offer a number of Mepiform products, and you guys are searching for them recently (I learn this by reading the logs), thus I thought I'd aggregate them here, in case you, too, are interested in Mepiform products:

Mepiform®: Mepiform® - Box - 5 Units Size: 2 x 3"

Mepiform®: Mepiform® Size: 4 x 7"

Mepiform®: Mepiform® - Box - 5 Units Size: 4 x 7"

Mepiform is a thin, flexible, self-adherent soft silicone gel sheeting for scar management. Designed for the discreet treatment of both old and new hypertrophic and keloid scars. Suitable for use on closed wounds to help prevent the formation of hypertrophic and keloid scarring.

And we've got em, as listed above. And all of which are aggregated on the DME Medical Supply Group site here:


The HCPCS for these products is A6025. In case you need to know that specifically.

And, in case you're interested, we also carry a wide arrange of Scandishake from Axcan Scandipharm Inc.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Hydrotherapy, formerly called hydropathy involves the use of water for soothing pains and treating diseases.

Hydrotherapy is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, or spinal cord injuries and in patients suffering burns, spasticity, stroke or paralysis. It's also used, in conjunction of weights, as part of rehabilitative exercise. I'm most focusing on the water weights, as that's what we sell.

Fortunately, DME Medical Supply Group sells a wide variety of hydrotherapy products. Such as Webbed Aqua Gloves. Like the one's pictured below.

We also have Floatation Belts, Adjustable Swim Weights, Padded Hand Bars and Adjustable Ankle Weights for Swimming Exercise.

Above, Weight-Adjustable Wrist Swim Weights are Pictured.

We all sell a variety of physical therapy products, massage therapy products, and a wide variety of Totally Awesome Exercise Products, like Cando Exercise Bands. That's right. We've got it all. Come on by and see.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. More soon.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009
Such as exam room cabinetry. If you're setting up a clinic, you've got to have it, and we've got it. In fact, we've got a full selection of Exam Room Furniture for your hospital or clinic.

Such as this Medline Blood Draw Station. If you've got patients, you've got to be able to draw blood, and a blood draw station is the way to do it. Though, I do confess, blood draw chairs are expensive darn chairs.

We also have Genie II Major Surgery Lights. Seems to me I have mentioned such surgical lighting before, but good things are worth repeating, aren't they? Of course they are. So I just did.

We also have exam stools. Which, if you're going to examine patients, you will need, I guarantee you.

We also have a lot of exam room supplies. And, I do mean a lot. Go ahead. Check them out. There are a bunch of them.

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Friday, February 6, 2009
We sell a few of these, so I thought I might mention them. And that's HealthDri® Ladies Heavy Panties. I've mentioned 'em before, but I'm mentioning them again. Because we sell them.

Which you can find with the rest of our Reusable Pants and Briefs. We also have plenty of disposable briefs, like the Wings Choice Plus Adult Briefs or the Simplicity© 3D Adult Briefs.

We also carry plenty of disposable liner pads, like the Attends Booster Pads. And deodorizers, like the Ozium Air Sanitizer.

And we've got Incontinence Kits, too. Just so you know.

More later. Thanks for stopping by.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009
One example is the bariatric care foam mattress.

We have Economy Foam Mattresses, as well, like the one pictured below.

And, of course, we carry a number of other foam mattresses as well. As well as pillowcases, sheets and various mattress covers. We even carry a variety of long term care beds.

And bedrails. Don't forget the bed rails and safety pads, the overbed tables, or specialty stretchers and gurneys. More on the stretchers soon, by the way.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009
The Lumex Easy Lift STS is made with heavy-gauge steel construction. It is designed to provide quick, safe assistance to those who have trouble standing.

We have a variety of other patient lifts/electric lifts, as well.

We also carry a selection of clinical care recliners, such as the Lumex Clinical Care Recliner (Model#577RG454).

We also carry a full selection of Exam Table Paper and Disposable Exam Drapes, and a variety of Cando No-Latex Exercise Bands and Accessories.

These are things people have searched from at DME Medical Supply Group recently, if you're wondering what the connection is. Thought I'd showcase some of those products today.

More soon!

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Monday, February 2, 2009
Just reviewing a couple of things we've recently sold. Because, who knows? You might want some, too.

For example, we just sold one of our MDF 535-Babinski Hammers. MDF® Babinski Hammer is the instrument of choice by neurologists. Named after the French Neurologist, Joseph François Babinski, best known for the "toe phenomenon". This diagnostic instrument is also often referred to as the Rabiner.

Before that, we sold some 3cc Monoject Syringes. And some EXCILON© Drain Sponges, sponges with a unique, precut T-slit. They conform snugly around drains and IV sites. And, recently, some Adult Wood Crutches with Grips, Tips and Pads. These are laminated wood crutches that are made from the finest hardwood veneers. Crutches come complete with accessories (closed hand grips underarm cushions and tips). And a good price. So, cool.

Just recently sold a reusable autoclavable blue male urinal. What are they called "autoclavable"? Haven't researched it, but it isn't self-evident, let's put it that way. More Urinals and Bedpands here, just in case you need some.
Well, that's it for now. More on Things That Are Selling soon.

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