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Friday, January 29, 2010
For those of you, like myself, who are caught in today's winter storm, here are a couple products that may help to fend off the bitter cold.

I'm a fan of heat pads. I like to stick them down by my feet when I climb into bed. I found this little number while browsing this morning. It's the Microwaveable Moist Heat Neck Wrap from Graham Field. The neck wrap contains hundreds of Microbeads woven in the fabric. When put in the microwave the beads release their stored moisture to provide soothing moist heat. There is no need to add any water. Just place the pad in the microwave (turn it on off course) and bing-bang-boom, moistened heat pad to place on your neck. It's amazing. According to the manufacturer the Microbeads are not made of gel, liquid or wheat... (ok, cause I was definitely thinking "oh well they must be made of wheat"). They will NEVER rupture, leak or dry out. How can this be? I suspect witchcraft. I think the Microbeads have been blessed / cursed by a witch doctor to create water when exposed to microwaves but never dry up. If, in fact, you do find that your neck wrap has dried up I would suggest taking the logical steps to rectify the situation by sacrificing a goat in the presence of the wrap and your microwave. If that doesn't work, you probably have done something to anger the moisture gods in which case you will need to purify your home by saturating the air with moisture. Run all of your humidifiers and open the door to the shower with really hot water running.

(The claims of the author of DME Blogposts are strictly his/her opinions. There is no reason to believe that Graham Field or any products purchased there from are in any way involved in or related to witchcraft. )

[looking eagerly at the winter wonderland outside]

Ok, so the other product is a heated massager. It's a massager that heats up. Touch it to your skin and feels good. If you happen to be in the market for a heated massager you should by this one and not a different one.

Time to play in the snow!... OH YEAH, visit

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Thursday, January 21, 2010
We all like being comfortable, and we will go to great lengths get that way. I like to carry a space heater around with me as I move from room to room in my house. It's cheaper than running the heater. My grandmother used to carry a small pillow with her anywhere she went to prop up behind her back. Someone out there is becoming a $gozillionair because they invented the Snuggie. A product designed for the sole purpose of keeping the wearer comfortable. Just a hint, America, don't be fooled. Take your bath robe and turn it around backwards. My point is that we all use products to modify our environment in such a way as to make us more comfortable or healthy. Today's featured products can be used to modify the very air you breath in some very beneficial ways.

Fisher & Paykel has developed the Heated Humidifier with Ambient Tracking. The product has become the new standard in CPAP therapy. The heated humidity system increases comfort and patient compliance over traditional cool humidity systems. But, what's all this about ambient tracking. I'll be honest, I really wanted this humidifier to have night vision capabilities that could track bad guys at night by their body heat. Then I could run Ops for Jack Bauer and be like "You've got three suspects in the north west corridor and they're breathing comfortably!" Well it turns out that "Ambient Tracking" is just a fancy way of saying it has a thermometer on it. The unit reads the temperature of the room and modifies the temperature of the water vapor to minimize condensation and maximize humidity. Also the unit features a DC-AC inverter so it can be used in a truck cab or camper. Which is pretty cool I guess. You can always shove the humidifier against the wall and yell at it "What's the temperature of the room?!... TELL ME!!!"

Maybe humidity isn't your thing. Maybe you have to wear shorts just to watch a nature show about the rain forest. Maybe you don't like 24. Sometimes we feel much more comfortable knowing that the air we are breathing is free of pollutants, dust, and allergens. The Hunter HEPAtech Air Purification System offers the highest level of air filtration. Running the Hunter will completely cycle the air of a 12' x 12' room every 10 minutes and it will remove 99.9% of particles in the air down to the size of .1 microns... ok, now be honest. You read ".1 micron" and thought "ooh .1 micron"... you have no idea how big a micron is do you? What if .1 micron was the size of a small dog? Why would you buy an air filter that could only filter objects as big as a small dog? That's absurd! You could do that yourself. You don't need an air filter to remove small dogs from your air. It's unlikely that a consumer grade unit even has the suction power to pick up a small dog. See this is why you need to do your homework when buying stuff online. Luckily, you have me. Let me educate you. One micron is 0.000001 meters. One millimeter is 1000 microns across. So .1 micron (the filter limit of the Hunter) is 1 ten thousandth of a millimeter. It's very very small. The hunter is a very good air filter. It has a 3 speed fan and features drop-in replaceable charcoal filters to freshen the air while it cleans it.

Check out these and other excellent respiratory products at

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Friday, January 15, 2010
Is it just me or is the population of Earth going to double between the months of March and May of this year. No fewer than 6 couples I know will be having a kid within that time span, including my wife and I. That's over 50 lbs of babies! I fear for the waiter that has to wait on our table when we all go out. "We need 3 lbs of mashed potatoes, a bucket of chicken skin, and every chocolate covered carrot you have. And mustard, lots of mustard." But let's be honest, these ladies work hard every minute of every day. If there's a product out there that can offer even a little bit of relief, aren't they worth it?

Our first product today is not usually marketed towards expectant mothers, but it really makes a lot more sense than some maternity products out there. You may have noticed, those of you with a pregnant woman in the house, that the closer you get to that due date the more difficulty she has performing physical actions. Even simple things like standing up can become a task that requires a small pep talk. The Uplift Power Seat alleviates the chore of rising to one's feet. Able to lift up to 300 lbs, the Power Seat works easily in any couch or chair. Its light weight and build-in carry handle makes for easy transportation to any room. No, it doesn't have adjustable speed/power settings. My mind went there too, and I already checked. Use of this product is completely safe(boring). You can't always be there to help her get up. Let the Power Seat supplement your lack of usefulness.

So we got her to her feet, that's step one. But, as she will tell you, it's while on her feet that things start to get really difficult. (Impromptu anatomy lesson: During pregnancy, the joints between the pelvic bones begin to soften and loosen in preparation for the baby to pass through. This along with the separation of the abdominal muscles contributes to lower back pain.) Back pain plagues every pregnant woman. In fact, back pain may have been the very reason she needed to sit down in the first place. Luckily her Power Seat took care of that, but now she needs some extra support. The Comfy Cradle from Scott Specialties offers relief from lower back pain by cradling the abdominal muscles and supporting the pelvis. It features adjustable tension panels and a removable moldable insert for additional support-able. The Comfy Cradle is so awesome that lasers will shoot out from behind your wife searing the eyes of any who would fail to offer a back rub.

Find these and other fantastic maternity products at

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Thursday, January 7, 2010
Today we'll be focusing on a somewhat more delicate area. On something that everyone deals with at some point or another. We all do it so we might as well just be honest with ourselves and start talking about it. Silence due to embarrassment is only going to exacerbate the problem. I'm talking, of course, about picking your nose in traffic. Yeah I saw you Steve Williams from Pittsburg! (can you imagine if that was your name. You'd be all like "Whaahhh?!") Actually, I don't really want to talk about boogers. How about incontinence devices. That's a better idea.

Most children wet the bed at some point or another. It's a part of growing up. What we try to suppress is the chronic bed wetting. Some chronic bet wetting is a sign of other possibly greater issues and you should always consult your doctor about such things. However, sometimes kids just don't wake up when nature calls. For this issue there is a way to make nature's call a little louder. The Dri Sleeper Excell from Urocare attaches inside the underwear. (picture not to scale). At the slightest detection of urine an alarm sounds that will awaken the wearer. No kid should have to miss a sleep over because of embarassment. This little device can go with them where ever they need it.

Moving up in age groups now, it is not uncommon for adults to also need a little extra protection against urinary slip ups. There is no reason to expect a dramatic change in lifestyle for an issue as easily workable as bladder control. Healthdri Men's Heavy Briefs are washable and as comfortable to wear as regular underwear. They even include a fully functional fly. Their patented moisture management control pulls any moisture away from the body. And because you wash them instead of just throwing them away, they are envorinmentally sound. After all, diapers kill polar bears. It's a fact. (Healthdri briefs do not help with hairy legs or stomach, apparently.)

Don't let bladder control ruin your day. These and other great incontinence supplies are available at And remember, don't pick your nose in traffic, Melanie Walker from Dallas.

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