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Thursday, May 19, 2011
Walking canes and foldable canes aren't just good to assist you in walking. They can be very effective tools for self defense as seen in the following video over at Youtube -

You see canes have been a symbol of distinction, rank and prestige for thousands of years. Initially, used only as a weapon, they evolved into a handy adornment and companion. The name came into being after 1500 when bamboo was first used in its construction. Pretty soon ivory, whalebone and various woods were incorporated into their creation. Some of the handles became highly ornate and bejeweled. A scepter grasped in a king's right hand indicated royal power or in the left hand, justice. For the ingenious, canes were hollowed out to safeguard valuables or to carry a weapon. Canes were accepted as a fashion accessory for women in the last half of the 18th century when Marie Antoinette adopted the shepherd's crook as an adornment.

The biggest advantage of folding canes is how little room they take up when not in use. Cory Macdonald has even designed an entire martial arts form around the concept of using the standard foldable stick that most blind people use. More about Cory:

folding canes self defenseUsing his knowledge of the arts, Cory started developing self defense techniques utilizing the standard folding cane used by the blind. “It was mainly to give me the confidence to use my cane in public”, he says. “Knowing that I could now use my cane to help defend myself was empowering. At that time, I had no thoughts of developing a complete system for the blind. It was more of a personal thing for me.”

In the spring of 2000, he was invited to demonstrate these innovative techniques at the Foundation Fighting Blindness Annual Conference. As a part of the program, he demonstrated empty hand techniques that can be easily learned and used by someone who is blind or sight impaired. “That was the first time I had ever performed the cane technique in public”, he now says. “The response was overwhelming, and it became quickly apparent there is a need for a program like this in the blindness community.”

Remember, everytime you use your cane, their is some serious history behind it.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011
It's not just babies diapers that are going into landfills, what about reusable adult diapers? One positive of using reusable adult diapers, as opposed to using disposable diapers, is lessening the negative impact on the environment. Since we know that some 19 million people in the U.S. suffer from incontinence, the number of disposable adult diapers in our landfills is nearly inconceivable. Eco-friendly people often cite these statistics in their arguing the benefits of using non-disposable diapers.

reusable adult diapersThere are a few cons to reusable diapers:

  1. They require to much work - Yes, who said saving the environment was easy?

  2. It's Gross - Yes, it is. But you get used to it after a while.... unless you really have a sensitive nose... it might never get easier.

  3. Aren't completely environmentally friendly - Adult reusable diapers aren't completely environment-friendly, however. Consider the amount of energy and water it takes to clean cloth diapers. Some say this can be seen as a drain on the environment. One estimate of washing diapers for one adult would be $5 a month
You could also take the alternative option of doing both. Keep things changed up and different, this way your loved one never knows what to expect.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
When Anthony Hopkins sports an Eye Patch for the most recent hit movie Thor, people start thinking that people who wear eye patches are just trendy. Of course in the soon to be released movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, I'm sure their will be many a pirate wearing these black patches....Argghhhhh.

golden eye patch - Thor
Of course their are 2 kinds of eye patches: Adhesive and Standard.

  1. Adhesive Eye Patches - Adhesive eye patches include those manufactured by Nexcare (3M®), Coverlet ® and Ortopad (Master Aid ®). Adhesive eye patches have a peel-away side with adhesive that sticks to the skin.

    They are used often in the treastment of Amblyopia, or lazy eye. Ortopad adhesive patches are hypoallergenic, meaning that the chance of skin irritation is reduced, but some sensitive children can still react to the adhesive. Some of the adhesive patches (e.g., Nexcare) come in more than one size; junior and regular. The right size is dependent on the head size and age, but as a rule junior size is ideal for children 2 years or younger. The larger eye patches can be trimmed to better fit the child; however, don't trim too much or you'll reduce the adhesive area and reduce the ability of the patch to adhere to persons face. The other advantage is these will let ZERO light in.

  2. Standard Eye Patches - Made popular back in the day by pirates, standard eye patches serve both to hide the disquieting sight of a missing or damaged eye and to keep detritus out of the socket. Without the patch, contaminants can get in and cause discomfort. Typically today eye patches like this are worn short term to help with recovery from eye surgery. Long term they are worn to not scare those looking at what is behind the patch... like a missing or eye or disfigured eye.

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Monday, May 16, 2011
Dealing with Parkinson's Deisease is never easy. We have compiled 10 tips to assist a caregiver helping someone with Parkinson's.

  1. Velcro shoes are easier to manage than shoe laces that need to be tied. Another option is to have elastic shoe laces that just stretch and don't need to be tied, even less work than velcro.
  2. parkinson's aids treatment tips

  3. Car seats made out of leather or vinyl are easier to slide in and out on. If you have cloth seats, you may want to consider putting a large plastic garbage bag on the seat, or buying a swivel seat. Swivel seats are portable, lightweight and allow 360 degrees of movement. Also nice to have incase of any incontinence issues.

  4. Apply for a handicapped parking permit. Gives your loved one less chance of falling. This will make outings more enjoyable as you will be allowed to park closer to stores, malls, restaurants, etc. Your loved one won’t be worn out from walking across a parking lot and ready to go home before you get to the store.

  5. Recliners and other chairs may be difficult to get out of for Parkinson's patients. Raising them 4 to 8 inches depending on the user’s height, or replacing them with an electric lift chair can make getting up easier. Medicare may cover the cost of the motor for an electric lift chair, with a doctor’s order. However, they will not cover the full cost of the chair, so check into this before you buy.

  6. Elastic waist pants are easier to get on than pants with zippers, snaps and buttons. At this stage we're not that worried about style.

  7. Weighted utensils help to stabilize tremulous hands. DME Supply Group has a weighted fork for around $13.

  8. Plate guards help tremulous hands easily scoop food onto utensils without the food spilling off the plate.

  9. Cups are available that make drinking easier by allowing users to drink with little or no shoulder flexion, wrist extension or head/neck movement. You may also consider cups with lids and straws to prevent spilling. Your local dollar store usualy has a 100 pack of bendable straws for only $1.

  10. If using a walker, a 4-wheeled walker, also known as a rollator will offer better stability and turn easier than a NO-wheeled walker. Large wheels with swivel casters and hand brakes provide the most stability. Standard walkers that have to be picked up to move forward are not usually recommended as they can cause a loss of balance. Check with your physical therapist before purchasing any walker.

  11. Explore the numerous a personal emergency response systems on the market. If your loved one has difficulty speaking loudly, have them get one where they just push a button that plays a recorded message to 911 if you're not there. Their are also ones that require the user to push a button at certain intervals. If they don't it sets the alarm off also.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
"Mommy, my ear hurts!" Every mother knows these words are a tell-tale sign meaning a trip to the doctor's office. More than likely, the child has an ear infection. Ear pain can usually be attributed to this ailment. Ear infections can be caused by many things. Often it can be attributed to bacteria that have laid waste to our children's precious inner ear. Other times, it can be conjoined with other illnesses, such as an upper respiratory illness. Regardless of the cause, ear pain usually results in a packing up all the children and visiting the pediatrician's office. While there, she will have to wait for hours until she finally sees the doctor. When she finally does, the doctor will take one quick look and declare, "Yep! It's an ear infection." For this reason, more and more mothers are buying their own otoscope so that they can be one step ahead of what is often a lengthy process.

ear infection

An otoscope is a medical apparatus that can be used by medical professionals, but also by regular folks like you and me. Many mothers consult with their pediatrician first before buying an otoscope and learn the visual signs of an ear infection. Once familiar, they purchase an otoscope and monitor their children's health. When the tell-tale signs appear, the mother can use the otoscope to investigate the problem and call the pediatrician to report her findings. If the pediatrician agrees, a prescription can be called in, saving hours of time. So consider adding an otoscope to your medical arsenal and of course, always consult with your pediatrician before taking any action.

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Monday, May 9, 2011
Incontinence affects millions of Americans, according to WebMD, and affects more women than men. Many conditions can effect our ability to hold our urine. Many women experience incontinence while pregnant. The maternal glow begins to dull after repeated trips to the bathroom in a single morning. Incontinence can also be a symptom of prostate cancer. The enlarging prostate can press upon the bladder, increasing the urgency to go. And let's not forget the most vulnerable to incontinence, the elderly. Nothing says you've advanced in age like the inability to hold your water. Aging with dignity and grace can be difficult to manage, but luckily incontinence pants, help make it possible. Franklin Roosevelt wore incontinence pants

Though not life threatening, incontinence can be life-damaging. Embarrassing accidents can deflate one's confidence. The fear of having an accident make many decide to stay home, limiting their ability to enjoy life. Incontinence pants gives millions of Americans the freedom from disconcerting accidents. They come in many sizes, allowing for a comfortable fit. Incontinent pants gives Americans their mobility back. Incontinence affects of all statures. Some of the greatest men in history were afflicted with this condition. For instance, Franklin D. Roosevelt had to wear incontinence pants due to his advancing polio.

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