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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
"Mommy, my ear hurts!" Every mother knows these words are a tell-tale sign meaning a trip to the doctor's office. More than likely, the child has an ear infection. Ear pain can usually be attributed to this ailment. Ear infections can be caused by many things. Often it can be attributed to bacteria that have laid waste to our children's precious inner ear. Other times, it can be conjoined with other illnesses, such as an upper respiratory illness. Regardless of the cause, ear pain usually results in a packing up all the children and visiting the pediatrician's office. While there, she will have to wait for hours until she finally sees the doctor. When she finally does, the doctor will take one quick look and declare, "Yep! It's an ear infection." For this reason, more and more mothers are buying their own otoscope so that they can be one step ahead of what is often a lengthy process.

ear infection

An otoscope is a medical apparatus that can be used by medical professionals, but also by regular folks like you and me. Many mothers consult with their pediatrician first before buying an otoscope and learn the visual signs of an ear infection. Once familiar, they purchase an otoscope and monitor their children's health. When the tell-tale signs appear, the mother can use the otoscope to investigate the problem and call the pediatrician to report her findings. If the pediatrician agrees, a prescription can be called in, saving hours of time. So consider adding an otoscope to your medical arsenal and of course, always consult with your pediatrician before taking any action.

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