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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Covered a bit in the last post. But there's more. So much more.

A Snellen Type Plastic Eye Chart, One of Our Many Exam Room Supplies.

Nervous System Chart from Complete Medical.

Phew. That's a lot, and it barely scratches the surface. Of the Exam Room Supplies. But that's not all I'm here to talk about.

Laboratory Beakers, Part of DME Supply Groups Many Laboratory Supplies.
Laboratory Beakers, Part of DME Supply Groups Many Laboratory Supplies.

We also have a full selection of laboratory supplies. And I do mean a full selection. We've got test tube brushes, we've got Ziegler Eye-Flushing Bottles, we also have Borosilicate Glass Balsam Bottles and glass mortars and glass pestles. Pasteur Pipets? We've got them. Hemacytometer Sets? We've got those, too. You want to know what is really cool that we sell? The Grafco Hematocrit Centrifuge. You can buy that. Online. From us.
The Super Cool Grafco Hematocrit Centrifuge from DME Supply Group.
The Super Cool Grafco Hematocrit Centrifuge from DME Supply Group.

And what good is a centrifuge without centrifuge test tube holders? We have those, too. We've got graduated beakers, we've got conical centrifuge tubes, four-way microtube racks and more. So much more.

And I haven't gotten to the nursing supplies yet, but I'm exhausted. More on our wide range of professional medical, clinical, hopsital and healthcare supplies later.

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Boy, do we have a lot of professional use and diagnostic healthcare products for clinical, hopsital, hopsice and home healthcare environments and applications.

Where to start? Well, how about stethoscopes?

3M Littman Master Classic II Black Stethoscope

And, (due to how data is supplied to us from our vendors), a section with more stethoscopes. And, also, a section specifically for 3M Stethoscopes. We've got Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscopes. We've got Dual Head Stethoscopes, Pulse Time Stethoscopes, Fetal Stethoscopes and more.

But that's just where it begins. We have Reflex Hammers, like the Tromner Hammer and the Queen Square Hammer and the Babinski Buck Reflex Hammer (I just like saying Babinski Buck).

We also have a wide variety of professional level scales. And several pieces of ultrasound equipment and supplies, like Medline Ultrasound Transmission Gel.

We also carry a wide selection of very cool microscopes. We've also got body fat measurement tools, like Skinfold Calipers.

We have Urine Meters. We have Goniometers. And, of course, a wide range of Otoscopes and Opthalmoscopes.

And that's only scratching the surface. I think I'll have to keep going with this in a follow up post, which I will do soon. Promise!

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Monday, December 29, 2008
The Dependa Bar Grab Bar is Perfect for Ensuring Bath Safety in the Home
The Dependa Bar Grab Bar is Perfect for Ensuring Bath Safety in the Home

DME Supply Group carries a wide variety of bath safety products to assure safety and security in the bathroom, in hospital, hospice, and home healthcare environments.

We carry a wide variety of Grab Bars, like the Dependa Bar pictured above. We also carry bathtub rails, like the Sure-Safe Bathtub Rail and Tub-Guard Bath Safety Rails.

DME also offers a wide sleection of commodes and accessories, such as drop-arm commodes and bariatric commode chairs. We also have toilet seats and toilet accessories, such as the Uplift Commode Assist, The Breezy Seat, Elevated Toilet Seats, and the E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat.

Shower Chair

We also carry a wide and varied offering of shower chairs, bath benches and transfer benches. Like this excellent Universal Transfer Bench or this bariatric bath and shower transfer bench. We also have SafetySure Transfer Boards. We've got it all.

And that includes the Care-Guard Shower Chair. And this bariatric bath chair. We even have PVC Shower Beds.

And, of course, we plenty of handy bath and toilet accessories.

More soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008
At DME Supply Group, in addition to our full line of Durable Medical Equipment, we also offer a wide range of useful aids to daily living.


Like these activity helpers, such as the one pictured above. Like this Invacare Long Shoehorn, or this Invacare Jar Opener. We also offer this handy Key Turner, which works for the house or the car. There is also this useful Hole-inOne Key Turner. Also, we carry the Easy Grabber Reacher, this Aluminum Reacher, and this Medline Ultra Reacher.

The Complete Medical Compression Stocking Aid with Heal Guide

We also carry a wide selection of dressing aids, the Jobst Stocking Donner, this handy Zipper and button Puller and more.

We also offer a full selection of bariatric products, such as multi-purpose bariatric chairs.

While they are excellent aids to daily living, personal massagers also make great Christmas gifts. I'm just saying.

And we also offer eating and drinking aids, men and women's watches and jewelry, and a wide selection of sundries and supplies, like mirrors, combs, nail clippers, tweezers, manicure sticks, hot water bottles and more.

Ice Bag, or Ice Cap, for Fever and Headaches.
Ice Bag, or Ice Cap, for Fever and Headaches.
That's an English Style Ice Cap up there, BTW.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

At DME Supply Group, we offer a complete selection of exercise equipment for health-maintenance and rehabilitation.

The Cando Chair Cycle Exerciser Long Leg Brace

We have Cando Chair Cycles with adjustable Pedals, for example. In fact, we carry a variety of pedal exercisers for physical fitness and physical therapy.

We also carry exercise weight bars, which are useful for regaining arm and upper-body strength after illness or injury. We also carry a full line of balance boards and stability trainers, which are useful for rehabilitative therapy or simply improving your balance and coordination.

We also Carry Weight Balls and Medicine Balls, Which Are Very Useful for Adding Some Fun to Physical Therapy and Weight Training.

We also carry a complete selection of medicine balls and weighted balls, like Cando Hand Weight Balls. And we even offer a Cando Plyometric Ball Rack. How do you like them apples, eh?

We also have a full selection of dumbells and racks, ball weights, SoftGrip Hand Weights, Wrist and Ankle Pouch Weights and more.

We also sell Vestibular Balance Discs.

The Cando Core-training Vestibular Dome with Resistance Cords

For example, we have the Cando Vestibular Disc, Cando Balance Stones, and the Cando Vestibular Sitting Wedge. And don't forget our complete line of MVP and MAPs Balance Systems.

There ya go. More soon!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

At DME Supply Group, we know it's important to you that, despite difficulties with joints, your hips, your knees or your feet, that you remain indpendent and mobile.

The Three-Wheel Rollator
The Three-Wheel Rollator

That's why we offer a full range of ambulatory products to help keep you on the go. Such as the handy 3-wheel rollator pictured above. In addition to carry a wide range of rollators and accessories, we offer a wide selection of walkers, such as this lightweight rigid walker, or this single release folding walker.

The Single Release Folding Walker with Rubberized PVC Grip.
The Single Release Folding Walker with Rubberized PVC Grip.

We also carry a full selection of men and women's canes, as well as crutches and crutch parts and accessories. And don't forget our selection of Lynx Scooters, like the Spitfire 1310 3-Wheel Travel Scooter. We also carry a full line of power wheelchairs, and for reasons due to differences in the way suppliers organize their products, we also have a lot of great standard and motorized wheelchairs here, like the Everest Captain Seat Motorized Wheelchair.
The Everest Captains Seat Motorized Electric Wheelchair. Pretty Cool, Huh?
The Everest Captains Seat Motorized Electric Wheelchair. Pretty Cool, Huh?

You have to admit, that is a pretty cool looking wheelchair. And a great and comfortable way to ensure, whatever limitations you may face, you or your loved ones can maintain your independence, and your personal mobility, far into the future.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008
TENS, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators, work. Period. I know, as I know people have used them for effective pain management, and I have use them myself. DME offers a range of TENS and EMS electrotherapy equipment, such as the 2000T Stimulator TENS unit, the BioStim M7 TENS and the Biomed 2000XL TENS Unit.

The Impulse TENS D5 from BIOMED

But it doesn't stop there. We also sell a wide variety of electrodes, conductive gloves, conductive sleeves, self-adhesive electrodes, and even conductive back garments. Naturally, we also carry a wide range of leadwires for TENS and EMS devices and patches, tapes, gels and lotion for TENS, EMS and biofeedback applications.

Speeking of biofeedback, we sell biofeedback units, too. Just saying.

And, although the TENS systems can work wonders for back, shoulder and other pains, TENS and EMS aren't the only options we offer for pain management.

The Gaymar Localized Heat Therapy T-Pump

For example, the Gaymar T/Pump Localized Heat Therapy System , as pictured above. That is just one of the wide range of hot and cold therapy items that we offer at DME. We carry re-usable moist heat packs, NexCare ColdHot Packs, Thermophore Arthritis Pads for treating arthritis and join pain, BodiHeat Body Wraps and more.

Then, due to differences between vendors we contract with, we have separate additional cold therapy products, and heat therapy products.

And due to those same differences, another section of miscellaneous pain management products that include a number of TENS and EMS products.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008
Well, we'd hardly be a full-service provider of Durable Medical Equipment if we didn't carry such things. And we do. We offer a full suite of respiratory products, such as CPAP and BIPAP equipment and accessories.

The Invacare Twilight CPAP / BIPAP Mask

Such as the ZZZ-Pap CPAP Unit with Heated Humidifier. Or in the Invacare Polaris EX CPAP with SoftX and Heated Humidifier. We have the FlexFit© Family of Nasal and Full Masks, CPAP Tubing, SleepStyle© 200 CPAP Series, and the Medline RestEZ for CPAP line.

We also offer a full selection of Cylinders / Regulators and Accessories, Respiratory Irrigation Solutions, Respiratory Compressors, Asthma Management, Air Cleaners and Accessories, Oxygen Products, Spacer Devices and Accessories, Yankauers and Solidifiers, Anesthesia Products and many more respiratory related products.

The Care Free HumidifierPlus with NiteGlo2.

That's the Care Free HumidifierPlus with NiteGlo 2 Gallon. I happen to own and use one of these, and it is good, though not exactly carefree. The bright blue nightlight aspect appeals to the kids. It works for the price, but my main complaint is that it doesn't get as much moisture into the air as I want as quickly as I want. I happen to prefer products more like the Sunpentown Ultrasonic Humidifier, though unfortunately DME Supply Group does not yet sell any real Ultrasonic Humidifiers. Yet.

We do however sell a lot of Compressors, Nebulizers and Accessories, Allergy Care and Air Cleaners and Accessories.

Another post--probably!--tomorrow.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

DME Supply Group offers a wide range of durable medical equipment for the home, such as blood pressure products, scales, thermometers and more.

Aneroid Blood Pressure Kit

Like, for example, our full selection of aneroid blood pressure monitors and kits. Or check out our wide variety of other related blood pressure monitors and equipment. We also carry cholesterol tests and strips, these very easy-to-use otoscopes and opthalmoscopes for the home and other miscellaneous products for home diagnostics.

We also offer a full line of drug testing kits, blood glucose meters for diabetics, and diabetic testing strips.

I'll be highlighting more of our wide range of durable medical equipment and healthcare supplies in the near future. Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, December 12, 2008

DME Supply Group carries a wide selection orthopedic products.

Or large supply of orthopedic products include arm and shoulder supports, like the one pictured below.

DME offers a wide range of orthopedic arm and shoulder supports.

Like, for example, the Medline Large Arm Elevator, or this Medline Metacarpal Arm Forearm/Hand Splint. And don't get me started on our Elastic Shoulder Immobilizers!

We also have a wide selection of other shoulder and neck supports and immobilizers, and handy Neck and Back Pillows. Which aren't just good for your own neck and back pain, but products like the Invacare Memory Foam Neck Pillow make for a great Christmas Gift. Guaranteed.

Maternity Supports are Considered an Orthopedic Product, As Well

We also offer orthopedic maternity supports, athletic supporters--or, as some might refer to them as, jock straps--and Hernia Trusses. We also have Gait Belts and Continuous Passive Motion, or CMP, supplies.

Plus, magnetic braces and traction products. Is there any orthopedic product we don't have? I can't think of one.

Because we've got thigh, hip and knee supports and back and abdominal supports and ankle, wrist, elbow and foot supports. Orthopedic splints? We have those, too. I've discussed our wide variety of exercise products before, and we also have a range of Orthopedic Exercise Products, which I may have mentioned before but are worth mentioning again.

Hand, finger and thumb orthopedic products? Check. Orthopedic Foot Care? As you may have guessed, we've got plenty there, too. Like Foot Cam Walkers, Arch and Heel Care, Toe Care and Orthopedic Shoes, Cast Shoes, and Boots.

Body Armor Cam Walker, Small High Boot.

And, of course, plenty of miscellaneous orthopedic products and supplies. So, come on by. If it's orthopedics, we've got what you need.

I'll post again soon. Have a great day!

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