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Thursday, October 1, 2009

So, we just sold a Labstar Deluxe Adult Sphygmomanometer (that's a blood pressure thingy, for those of you not up on the jargon). I hope it's exactly what they wanted. I hate returns.

And we seem to get more than our share, because the vendor supplies us something that's not quite right, or the pictures they give us for the website aren't the right ones, or the descriptions they supply us with says something different than what they actually ship. And who does the customer yell at? Us, of course. But we just want the customer to be happy. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we try to do something positive by offering medical products via a web retail mechanism. Hmmm. That didn't come out as elegant as I had hoped. Ah, well.

We also sold some Medline Misacodyl Suppositories. I really hope those are right. Sometimes, Medline is a little confusing . . . I suppose because they don't really deal with the end user, but we have to, alas. We really do try and make them understand. I don't think it's working.
And, we keep selling Curad Powder Free Nitrile Exam gloves, although thanks to Medline's changing their product names, you had better know what you are getting, because with a description like GLOVE, EXAM, LF, PF, TEXT, NITRILE, L, it's a little hard to tell what you're in for, unless you really know your business.

Well, I gotta go. More later!

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